Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors combine a realistic impression of wood and tile with an extremely durable finish. These floors have become a popular alternative to real wood and vinyl floors.

Here are just a few reasons laminate flooring could be perfect for you:

• Laminate flooring is extremely impact and scratch resistant, but it's not real wood
• These floors are extremely stain resistant and will not fade from ultra-violet sunlight, nor burn from cigarettes.
• Choose from a variety of wood trims and moldings.
• Laminate floors do not need a wax or polish.
• Glueless laminate floors are a very good do-it-yourself product.
• Most laminate floors can be used over radiant heated concrete.

The staff at Argos Carpets and Flooring can help you pick out new laminate flooring for your home and explain the additional features and benefits of laminate flooring.